Jacobs Management Group, in partnership with the Healthcare Sales and Marketing Magazine is pleased to provide you with our Top Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device lists.

Celebrating over 20 years in healthcare (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology), Jacobs Management Group is one of the top industry-focused recruiting firms. Finding the right person with deep industry expertise you need and results-oriented talent is hard. We take the headache out of hiring by presenting you with a slate of high-achieving candidates, driving the recruiting process for you, and facilitating the behind the scenes strategy to make sure your number one choice says yes. We put top candidate in your hands quickly (with an average metric of 2 week days to slate) and have developed a closing process that ensures that over 96% of your offers are accepted. Having been in the industry for what seems like forever, our team of skilled recruiters has built a database of over 250,000 candidates and we continually expand it every day. We follow their careers building long-standing relationships because we know their interests and desired future steps, and present them with targeted opportunities. Successfully expanding your team with exceptional talent and building lasting trust-based relationships is the goal of our entire organization.

As a way to give back to the industry and stay in touch with top players we launched Healthcare Sales & Marketing Magazine (HS&M). This is the first ever e-magazine dedicated exclusively to healthcare sales & marketing professionals across all sectors. Our focus is on: who is succeeding and why, what is impacting the industry, and how sales and marketing work individually and together to strategize, communicate and move that success line on the graph. No exceptions, no exclusions. HS&M highlights major movers in the industry, spotlights cutting-edge companies, features visionary thinking and acting, and provides a wealth of digital material: links, graphics, video, whatever enhances and informs the basic content and keeps you up-to-the-minute. Our top company lists are just one of our key features.

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You can also find the current issue of HS&M Magazine Here!

Cari Kraft