Compensation and Hiring Survey

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Compensation and Hiring Survey

 The 2015 results indicate that we continue to be into a building phase. Our survey helps you see which sectors are expanding, how compensation structures are changing, and what the noticeable trends are. We saw some interesting trends and surprising results:

  • The healthcare vendor space is leading sales growth at a rate of 12%, followed by medical device at 7%. Marketing team growth is led by medical device and biotech at 8%. Across the board, sales and marketing team average growth remains strong at 6%.
  • Biotech sales compensation takes a jump in 2015 with top sales rep compensation up 40% over 2014. Biotech top sales reps earn the most at a total compensation of over 259K. This is the first year biotech top sales reps out-earn medical device top sales reps.
  • There is a high cost to both poor hiring and leaving positions open. The cost of a marketing or sales mis-hire is approximately $82K. The monthly cost for each open sales position is on average $45K, while the cost of an open marketing position is $39K.
  • At-risk compensation models are becoming even more risk/reward focused. The highest leveraged compensation packages were for top healthcare vendor reps, with up to 59% of their compensation in commissions. Not far behind were top medical device reps, with 57% of their compensation in commissions.

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